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The Journey has started :D

25 Jun

I mentioned in my first post that my plan for summer was to travel around Europe so.. here I am, my journey has started! 🙂

I flew from Manchester to Warsaw last night and I’m currently awaiting my flight to Norway which is early in the morning. I’m flying to Torp-Sandefjord and it will take me around 9hrs to reach my final destination which is Bryne. I could have taken a plane but thought I’d rather go and visit the places I’ve not been to before (this is what I want to do this summer) than do it the easiest way but not see anything new.

Not everything began the way I planned- my bf got a job and couldn’t go with me… and until Monday afternoon I was convinced I would be flying to Poland on Wednesday so I wasn’t too worried about getting packed and moving out but as I found out it was Tuesday, I had to prioritise things and unfortunately, didn’t have time to go to my allotment :/

Warsaw is hot but the airport prices can kill or at least make you think twice before you spend your money- a small bottle of water costs more (£2) than at the Manchester Airport and so does a cup of mocha (£4). But because they are so expensive they taste delicious! 😉 And the airport is open overnight so you don’t end up on the street 😉

Expensive but delicious cup of coffee ;)


The Airport

25 Jun

Sleeping at the airport is very easy

Nobody’s rude and no one is busy

You can have all the metal seats for yourself

You have time to read a book and worry about your health

The only thing that may not let you have a proper sleep

Is when they close the airport overnight and you end up on the street…