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This is how you DO NOT lock your bike!

26 Sep

I know some people get their bikes for free and some get them really cheap but if I locked my bike the way those bikes owners did I would be so ashamed of myself that I would never admit that I owe any of these. Shame of you people, shame!! ImageImage



North West Velo Fest 2013 and Manchester’s cycling culture

16 Jun

Long time, no post… I could find loads of excuses but don’t want to do that. Will start from writing the actual post straight away. The North West Velo Fest 2013 has ended and if I was one of the organisers I wouldn’t consider it a success. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to complain but to be honest, in such a big city as Manchester there should have been many more participants than there were. How come the closing party of the Fest is attended by 20- 25 people? How come there are only around 20 people attending the Tweed Ride? I understand people have different commitments, may not be in Manchester at the time of the events, the weather may be discouraging rather the other way round so I guess the organisers should have taken this into account and invited many more than those 300 people to the events on FB. I did that with all of my Manchester friends, only a couple of them came but I tried. If every single person tried to do the same, many more would have known about the festival and probably participated. Or maybe the promotion shouldn’t have been limited to FB only? Maybe posters left in places such as Students Unions, the International Society, Eight Day Cafe, Unicorn etc. would have done the job? Who knows…

There are over 500k people living in Manchester itself, over 2mln people in Greater Manchester. There are a number of cyclists among them and only a handful of them know about the Velo Fest, the Bike Month and even fewer attend the events. So definitely there must be something wrong about it! Don’t know whether it is a way of promoting such events, lack organisation, skills or simply organisers don’t care how many of us will come and whether there will be someone new or not. Maybe they just want to organise it for themselves and their friends not for other members of the public? Maybe there’s no one group or some sort of association for cyclists and those who would like to change something in the city? There are loads of different small groups but unfortunately, they don’t seem to be working together for the better future (of cyclists)…

I’ve always thought it would be great if there were more people coming to the Critical Mass, showing support to the idea of cycling, more being aware of the cycling culture here in Manchester and more participating in different events (if there are any) around the city. To be honest, maybe it’s my ignorance (maybe not) but I still don’t know who’s responsible for the Critical Mass, every month there seems to be a problem with the route (there’s no one set route, it’s always different and nobody never knows where we’re going) or with stopping cars from running us down. Those who are late can’t join the group somewhere on the way because they don’t know where we we are and where we’re going unless they know someone who’s taking part in it and can call them. I really don’t know reasons behind that but maybe many of those who come don’t feel the need to change people’s attitudes toward cycling and cyclists, they just come, ride, go back home and wait for the next month’s mass? Maybe they just consider it another reason to go out, meet the same people, get drunk or something else and that’s it? Nothing more. Below, there’s are a couple of photos from April’s Critical Mass in Krakow, Poland (you can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/KrakowMiastemRowerow). Hopefully, one day the Mass will look the same here in Manchester…