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Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam

22 Nov

Have you seen the video? I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to turn left or right here in Manchester without signalising it cos every other road user is cautious and prepared for that…



1 Jul

Norway is a beautiful country but an expensive state

Homemade cheescake made of homemade cheese is what I ate today

Everyone has and rides a bike and noone locks them up

You don’t know where Norway is located? It’s the Northern part of the European map!

People live here in big wooden houses with loads of flowers and no fences

Statoil is the answer to how they cover their huge expences!

Norway is a beautiful country! Egenes Camping in Flykkefjord.

Cafe Latte that cost me 5 quid!

Homemade cheescake! Delicious! 😀

Homemade cheese

Even dogs can cycle here!

This is how they lock their bikes- they don’t!

This is an example of where the Norwegians live…

Yes, it is quite an expensive state.. This packet of tobacco cost me over £20!!


So… I wrote a poem the other day :D

24 Jun

The Cyclist

It rains a lot but you still ride your bike

Your friends think you’re weirdo, you think it is psych

You care about your health and not what they say

You prefer to feel good, you want to feel gay

Your broken clavicle does not stop you from this

If you don’t cycle, the bliss is what you miss!


The final version of The Cyclist :D