Manchester Upcycling

30 Nov

Together with my two friends we will be at the Vintage Market, Manchester today ( Lidia will be selling her hand made crochet scarfs and stuff, Claire has a wide range of printed tote bags and I’mm be there with my UPCYCLED jewellery (I run under the auspices of Cofee Cranks COop! :D)! Here’s the link to some of the items: and you can see some more in the pictures below. Oh yeah! Not every single part is upcycled but many of them are! I use inner tubes, chains, spokes (wow, that’s soo cool!) so if you’d like to treat yourself to an original piece of jewellery or think your girlfriend or sister or even a grandma would love to feel and look exeptional just pop in to the market and buy a little something for them! We’ll be there from 10am to 8pm (hmmm.. will see!) so don’t miss a chance! 😀 Oh, there will be keyrings there as well!! But don’t worry if you don’t live in Manchester. Email me and sort it out!





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