The Journey has started :D

25 Jun

I mentioned in my first post that my plan for summer was to travel around Europe so.. here I am, my journey has started! 🙂

I flew from Manchester to Warsaw last night and I’m currently awaiting my flight to Norway which is early in the morning. I’m flying to Torp-Sandefjord and it will take me around 9hrs to reach my final destination which is Bryne. I could have taken a plane but thought I’d rather go and visit the places I’ve not been to before (this is what I want to do this summer) than do it the easiest way but not see anything new.

Not everything began the way I planned- my bf got a job and couldn’t go with me… and until Monday afternoon I was convinced I would be flying to Poland on Wednesday so I wasn’t too worried about getting packed and moving out but as I found out it was Tuesday, I had to prioritise things and unfortunately, didn’t have time to go to my allotment :/

Warsaw is hot but the airport prices can kill or at least make you think twice before you spend your money- a small bottle of water costs more (£2) than at the Manchester Airport and so does a cup of mocha (£4). But because they are so expensive they taste delicious! 😉 And the airport is open overnight so you don’t end up on the street 😉

Expensive but delicious cup of coffee ;)


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